X-10 Mods - LM465 Lamp Module

Here we explain how to modify a USA 115V LM465 Lamp Module to operate at 230V.


These X-10 instructions are based on Hans Attersj√∂'s Home page.  I have not attempted this modification, and I accept no responsibility for the effects of anyone making these modifications.   You follow these instructions at your own risk.

This information comes from Marco de Goede (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in Holland, and I have never done it myself. He probably applied the general modification rules.

Modification Steps

  1. Change C1 from 0.68uF/250V to 0.33uF/400V.
  2. Change R1 from 100 Ohm/0.5W to 220 Ohm/1W.
  3. Change R2 from 330K/0.25W to 330k/0.5W.
  4. Change the 130V MOV to a 250V MOV.
  5. Use adapters for the connectors on the input and on the output.

The component number comes from my (Hans) drawings.

If you attempt these modifications, please let me know your results, and read the warning on the X-10 and 115V & 230V page.

Comments from Hans:

  1. I think that you should also change R5, the other 330k resistor, and R10 a 100k resistor going to the triac to 1/2W if they are 1/4W.
  2. Also, as far as I know, these modules use a triac called BTA10-400CW which is a 400V version. This is quite OK for 220 but very close to the limit if you have 240V (340V peak/peak).

    Triac short form data:
    Type     BTA10-400C    BTA10-600CW

    Umax           400V           600V

    Imax            10A            10A

    Vgt            1.5V           1.5V

    Igt            35mA           35mA

    Ih             35mA           35mA

    Case TO220, insulated tab
    I show the data also for the 600V version because I have found that they use it in newer wall switches (WS467) and they might therefore perhaps also use it in the lamp module.

It is John's opinion that the 250V MOV should be a 275V one for operation at 230/240V.

Comments received at Redoak

  • Mun Wai from Malaysia has confirmed these modifications work.
  • J Cubas from Spain confirmed in September 2005 that the design of the LM465 has changed, and that his modifications did not work.

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