Our current ventilation system had served us well, but significant technological improvements had taken place in the past 20 years with new models having more efficient heat recovery and having optional air sourced heat pumps that can provide heating in winter and cooling in summer meant it was time for an upgrade.  Newer models also have better efficiency, air filtering, control facilities and monitoring.

After reviewing the market for suitable systems, we selected the Genvex GE Premium 1L unit that provides up to 150 cubic metres/hour and which is controlled by the Optima 300 microprocessor controller.

For further information on Benefits and Features:

The installation was carried out by Genvex's UK distributors Total Home Environment Limited (THE) and was completed in five days using three people for the first day to remove the old system and one person for four days; we had a particularly competent installation engineer.

THE returned after a few weeks to commission the system and fine tune the inlet and exhaust air flows in each of the rooms for optimum operation. The pictures show the completed installation.

This page describes the Genvex Optima 300 Controller. 

Please remember that the ventilation system will work perfectly well in the state it is set up when the unit is commissioned by the installers, but there are features and facilities available that can make your life easier.

Besides, if you are like me, you will always want to know how something works, and get the very best from it.