X-10 Mods - MC460 Mini Controller

Here we explain how to modify a USA 115V MC460 Mini Controller to operate at 230V.


These instructions are based on Hans Attersj√∂'s Home page.  I have not attempted this modification, and I accept no responsibility for the effects of anyone making these modifications.   You follow these instructions at your own risk.

Modification Steps

  1. Remove the four screws in the bottom and take out the printed circuit board.   Be careful not to lose the little switch used to change between 1-4 and 5-8. I almost did that! Hold the PCB so that the incoming cable is on the right side.
  2. Change the little, usually, blue capacitor mounted just underneath the little transformer in the top right corner to a 0.1uf/400V, polyester or polycarbonate. The original capacitor should normally be marked "2E224".
  3. Change the big, usually blue, capacitor just underneath the previous one to 1uF/400V, polyester or polycarbonate. The original capacitor should normally be marked "2E225". I had problems finding a 1uF 400V, so I used two 0.47uF 400V in parallel and mounted one in the original holes and the other just below and glued to the PCB.
  4. Be sure not to mount any components in the area of the PCB where the three studs in the bottom cover is touching the PCB. Fix this/these capacitor(s) with some silicone or possibly epoxy glue.
  5. Be careful not to get any glue in the hole in the middle of a switch. It might come down to the switch. Honestly, it did happen to me once, and it was not funny to open up the switch to clean it!
  6. To improve reliability, put a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) in parallel with the incoming power. For 220V, use a 250V RMS type and for 230-240V, a 275V RMS. This MOV can be mounted in the two empty holes on the right side of the transformer in the top right corner. Perhaps this was standard earlier but someone removed it to save some money.
  7. Reassemble and change the plug to your favourite type.

If you attempt these modifications, please let me know your results, and read the warning on the X-10 and 115V & 230V page.

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