X-10 Mods - JDS Time Commander Plus

Here we explain how to modify a USA 115V JDS Time Commander Plus to operate at 230V.


These instructions are based on Hans Attersj√∂'s Home page.  I have not attempted this modification, and I accept no responsibility for the effects of anyone making these modifications.   You follow these instructions at your own risk.

This is not an X10 module, but I mention it because it is an interesting device. It is identical to the Homebase system, but I believe there are some differences in the software they are currently delivering.

Modification Steps

Modify as per the TW523 as mentioned elsewhere in these texts.  Note that the three-phase transmit would still be set for 60Hz.  If you have three-phase, I think that it is better to use a three-phase active repeater and disable this feature on the Time Commander Plus. Even mini controllers and other transmitting devices would in this case work correctly.  This feature is stored in the firmware and can be changed between 50 and 60Hz by buying a new EPROM from JDS technologies

Replace the wall-mounted power supply with a 220V (or 240V) unregulated type, delivering a nominal DC voltage of 12V and at least 400mA.  It is unregulated, so the idle output voltage is around 16V DC. The connector uses negative in the middle and positive on the outside.

If you attempt these modifications, please let me know your results, and read the warning on the X-10 and 115V & 230V page.

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