X-10 Mods - PF284 Powerflash

Here we explain how to modify a USA 115V PF284 Power Flash module to operate at 230V.


I have successfully completed this modification four times and the modified modules have been powered up and running for over 20 years, however, and I accept no responsibility for the effects of anyone making these modifications.  You follow these instructions at your own risk.

This module has a small transformer to generate the low voltage used to detect a contact closure on the input terminals.  However, this transformer is driven by a transistor oscillator, which gets its power from the output of the capacitor power supply.  It does not cause any problems in this case, but one must always investigate how these kinds of things work.

Modification Steps

  1. Open the module by removing the four screws and take out the PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  2. Change the big, usually blue, 2.2uF 250V capacitor normally marked "2E225" to 1uF 400V polyester.
  3. Change the small, usually blue, 0.22uF 250V capacitor normally marked "2E224" to 0.1uF 400V polyester.
  4. If the 330k resistor close to the incoming power is a 0.25W, change it to 330k 0.5W.
  5. Change the MOV close to the incoming power from 130V RMS to 250V RMS if you have 220V and to 275V if your power supply is 230 or 240V.

If you attempt these modifications, please let me know your results, and read the warning on the X-10 and 115V & 230V page.

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