Ventilation - Benefits and Features


There are many benefits from having a ventilation and heat recovery system:

  • Avoids need for heat-wasteful trickle ventilators and bathroom/kitchen extractor fans.
  • Very energy efficient heat recovery and cheap heating with the heat pump.
  • Enables all windows to be kept closed from autumn through to summer.
  • Clean filtered air helps asthma and hayfever sufferers.
  • Eliminates condensation while keeping property airtight.
  • Eliminates smells and odours, house smells fresh.
  • Improved security as opened windows not necessary.
  • Reduction in humidity so avoiding black mould.
  • Reduced energy bills.


The features of our system are:

  • Rigid galvanised steel plated insulated ducting, not flexible aluminium foil (see photos).
  • Four different fans speeds, one at 100% and three programmable.
  • Provides cheap heating in winter and cooling in the summer.
  • Almost silent operation, inaudible operation in the house.
  • Controller senses temperatures at seven locations (option of two more).
  • Thermostat operation from one of three places.
  • 100% replacement of air, none recirculated.
  • Electrostatic filter removes dust particles down to 0.01 microns and many viruses giving pure air.
  • 10 programmable combinations of time, temperature and fan speed can be set for each day of a seven day week.