Ventilation - Benefits and Features

Ventilation - Benefits and Features

Ventilation OutletOur ventilation system had served us well, but significant technological improvements had taken place in the past 20 years with new models having more efficient heat recovery and having optional air sourced heat pumps that can provide heating in winter and cooling in summer meant it was time for an upgrade.  Newer models also have better efficiency, air filtering, control facilities and monitoring.

After reviewing the market for suitable systems, we selected the Genvex GE Premium 1L unit that provides up to 150 cubic metres/hour and which is controlled by the Optima 300 microprocessor controller.

On the left is a photo of one of the room outlets.

For further information on Benefits and Features:


There are many benefits from having a ventilation and heat recovery system:

  • Avoids need for heat-wasteful trickle ventilators and bathroom/kitchen extractor fans.
  • Very energy efficient heat recovery and cheap heating with the heat pump.
  • Enables all windows to be kept closed from autumn through to summer.
  • Clean filtered air helps asthma and hay fever sufferers.
  • Eliminates condensation while keeping property airtight.
  • Eliminates smells and odours, house smells fresh.
  • Improved security as opened windows not necessary.
  • Reduction in humidity so avoiding black mould.
  • Reduced energy bills.


The features of our system are:

  • Rigid galvanized steel plated insulated ducting, not flexible aluminium foil (see photos).
  • Four different fans speeds, one at 100% and three programmable.
  • Provides cheap heating in winter and cooling in the summer.
  • Almost silent operation, inaudible operation in the house.
  • Controller senses temperatures at seven locations (option of two more).
  • Thermostat operation from one of three places.
  • 100% replacement of air, none recirculated.
  • Electrostatic filter removes dust particles down to 0.01 microns and many viruses giving pure air.
  • 10 programmable combinations of time, temperature and fan speed can be set for each day of a seven-day week.

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