Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV CameraI am not going to write too much about the security at our bungalow.

The security cameras are the most obvious visible sign of security, together with other physical devices around our bungalow. 

The camera on the left is a 20x optical zoom HD camera with object tracking and with high-powered IR lighting.

The security cameras' history videos are held for a number of days, and various alarms and alerts are triggered when motion is detected.  All CCTV and other video is viewable from not just inside our property, but also away from our property via a VPN encrypted link.

All neighbours are fully aware of the CCTV facility, which is registered with the police.  Recordings will be offered to the police and any company or individual with a reasonable right to have them to help with investigation of criminal acts. 

There are other intruder detection and alert systems, both inside and outside the property, but I'll provide no further details. 

We have multiple Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) in the property to cope with power cuts and preserve security warnings.  Tesla Powerwalls provide additional power in the event of power cuts.

Cloud services are NOT used.

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