The Save Our Island Group has been formed to ensure that adequate infrastructure is available on Hayling Island.  Feel free to check the current status of the Group. https://saveourisland.org.uk

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jpplazaHere I give information about myself and my career in the music, defence, and information technology industry as an electronics engineer, and as an accountant, auditor and mergers and acquisitions expert.

My interests are: energy efficiency and being green, motoring, technology, photography, keeping fit and active, and pop music and pop concerts,  I am a frequent visitor to the O2 in London, and the Portsmouth Guildhall and Kings Theatre.  Please go here for Personal.

Energy Efficiency

solarimmersionOur bungalow was built in 1989; we describe the energy-efficient features that are built into the property to keep running costs low; we are all-electric with no gas supply by choice. Heating (and cooling in hot summers) is solely via highly efficient air-sourced heat pumps. 

We use solar panels with battery storage to make the best use of solar energy and to keep running costs low.  Despite EPCs not taking into account battery storage, we have the highest "B" rated EPC in our post-code.  Please go here for Energy Efficiency.


atticITThese pages explain how we use technology to create a comprehensive and user-friendly Entertainment System that allows the secure distribution of Satellite TV, FreeView TV, VHF FM radio, video, music and data across our property.  The site also gives some, but not all details about our Security System of which some is visible while other features are hidden and will not be explained here.  Our Computing System supports the Entertainment System and Security System and is based on a hard-wired CAT6A 10Gb LAN with multiple CAT6A sockets in all rooms and close to all TVs. In February 2021, we scrapped the copper-wire phone land-line connection and now use VoIP. We now supplement 1Gb internet with SpaceX Starlink. Please go here for Tech.

Ventilation System

airconcondHere, we describe how our ventilation system has evolved from a passive mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery to a microprocessor-controlled ventilation and heat recovery system that has a built-in heat pump for cheap heating in winter and cooling in summer.  The significant benefits of using a ventilation system are described.

I also cover our new air-sourced heat-pump system that provides our sole source of winter heating and summer cooling; this was installed in 2019 and has been a life-saver in the recent hot summers. Please go here for our Ventilation System.

X-10 Home Automation

x10utilX-10 is a USA home automation protocol. 

These pages: explain the types of devices, show photographs of the devices, describe how the devices can be used; and explain how USA purchased modules can be modified to operate from the UK's 230V supply rather than the USA's 115V supply. Please go here to learn about X-10.

Modifications are carried out at your own risk, since the techniques described probably violates all UK Health and Safety Regulations.  Please go here to learn about X-10 modifications.


You may contact me using this simple form.  I do not use Facebook.