atticITThe technology section describes the hardware infrastructure that is installed to allow an effective Security, Computing and Entertainment platform.  Some cabling was installed when the bungalow was built and other was retro-fitted.

In the attic there is a 24-port 10Gb switch with an 8-port POE switch for the CCTV cameras.  The solar panel additional feature is explained. There are separate amplifiers for satellite and UHF TV signals and VHF TV.

Our network streams HD video and CCTV and a 10Gb LAN is necessary as a 1Gb LAN caused video buffering.  There is also a phenomenal speed increase when copying data across the LAN.  

sattvThe entertainment section will describe how the FreeSat TV, FreeView TV, VHF Radio, Internet Radio, DVD and blu-ray ISO images, video files, and mp3 and flac audio files are played on devices. 

On the left is a photo of our 1m satellite dish for FreeSat TV and radio channels.  The satellite TV as well as FreeView TV signals can be directed to any TV outlet in our property. 

Key to the entertainment system is the 60TB Networked Attached Storage (NAS) which holds video and audio files. 


Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV CameraI am not going to write too much about the security at our bungalow.

The security cameras are the most obvious visible source of security, together with other devices around our bungalow. 

The camera on the left is a 20x optical zoom HD camera with object tracking and with high powered IR lighting.

The security camera history video is held for a number of days and various alarms and alerts are triggered when motion is detected.

There are other intruder detection and alert systems both inside and outside the property but I'll provide no further details. 

We have multiple Uninterruptable Power Supplier (UPSs) in the property to cope with power cuts and preserve security warnings.


For computing components, quality is always more important than price.  Below is a photo of our QNAP TVS-EC1080+ NAS containing 60TB of disk storage, and with its associated UPS.  The main "quality" hardware we use are:

  • Computers:  QNAP TVS-EC1080+ NAShome built
  • Laptops:  Lenovo X1 Carbon and T series laptops
  • Network: QNAP NAS and Netgear switches
  • Audio: Creative Labs and Logitech
  • Phones and tablets - Apple
  • Router - Draytek Vigor
  • Printers - HP

 All devices (computers, NASs, IP cameras, printers) here at Redoak are hard-wired LAN connected and I never use wireless unless there is no wired alternative. The reason for a strong wired preference is speed but primarily security.  All computers, phones and tablets connect to the internet using a VPN for safety and security.