Hamspire Police - IAG and Fraud

IAG members are encouraged to use their knowledge and skills to give back to the community. My expertise lies in computing and fraud.

My first computer was an IBM 5150 PC with dual 160kB floppies, which drove a 24 line 80 character monochrome display. My current PC which I built myself has 2TB SSDs with a 30" high resolution display with Freeview and FreeSat TV Tuners connected to our 10Gb LAN.

During my career I have spent 10 years in audit and conducted fraud investigations.

As part of my IAG payback, I present free seminars in the Havant area to resident and community groups on how to avoid fraud.

These seminars are temporarily suspended during the CoronaVirus Covid-19 pandemic.

As an IAG member of the Hampshire Police Strategic Prosperity Governance Group, I have visibility of economic crime and cyber crime statistics across Hampshire and visibility of Police operations to prevent and protect the public.  

I use these statistics to present a seminar on how to avoid fraud and in particular cyber-fraud which is in this format:

  • HMRC fraud scenario 
  • Phishing frauds
  • Blackmail scenario
  • Other frauds
  • Advice on risk avoidance

Can I please urge readers to:

Seminars are also offered by the Digital Intelligence Investigation Protect Officer from the Hampshire Constabulary Cyber Crime Unit; we work together.