Ventilation System - Genvex Data Logger Software


This web page will describe in detail the Genvex Data Logger Software:

  • What the computer hardware requirements are
  • Where to obtain the software from
  • How to install the software
  • How to use the software

Computer Hardware requirements


After reviewing the market for suitable systems, we selected the Genvex GE Premium 1L unit that provides up to 150 cubic metres/hour and which is controlled by the Optima 300 microprocessor controller.

Obtaining the software

The i

ese graphs are of the heat pump operating in heating mode. The red line is the supply air being blown into the rooms; notice that when the heat pump is running, the supply air is around 40C; with the heat pump not running, it is 13C.

For a comprehensive review of the Genvex Optima 300 Controller, click here.

For a comprehensive review of the Genvex Data Logging Software, click here.

Installing the software

The features of our system are:

Using the software

The features of our system are:

  • A

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the benefits of installing a ventilation system with a heat pump, please email me on I am willing to offer home visits to see our installation live for a small fee if that would be helpful since I really believe they offer significant benefits.

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