I have absolutely no intention of duplicating any of the freeware that is available on the Internet. This page will contain useful little utilities that we could all code ourselves, but would rather find someone who has done it before for us.

DOS Network Boot Disk

This Zip file here is a Win98 DOS network boot disk. Just download the file and un-zip it to a blank floppy disk maintaining the directory structure. The blank floppy must be formatted with Win9x (Win 2000 formatted floppies will not work). This floppy will allow you to boot a machine using just files on the floppy and have the NetBEUI protocol available.

It is a version that works with the following NICs:

  • DLink DFE530TX 10/100Mb (PCI)
  • DLink DFE540TX 10/100Mb (PCI)
  • DLink DFE550TX 10/100Mb (PCI)
  • 3Com 3C905TX 10/100Mb (PCI)
  • 3Com 3C589D 10Mb (PC Card)
  • 3Com 3C589D 10Mb (PC Card) (alternate I/O address)
  • New Media LiveWire 10/100Mb (PC Card)
  • IBM ThinkPad T23 built in Intel 10/100 (PC Card)

If you use a different NIC, you will need to modify the configuration files and add that NIC's DOS drivers. I have now removed the help files to include extra NIC drivers. I hope you find it useful.

Valid Credit card Number Generator

Earlier I had provided a Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123 spreadsheets that generated valid credit card numbers. However, I am not been convinced that the use of these templates have been used honestly, and these features have been removed.

VAT number checker

The last two digits of the UK VAT number are check-digits and so must relate to the previous seven numbers. We have a VAT check-digit checking spreadsheet.

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