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This web site is primarily designed to explain how we had an energy efficient home designed and built and how readers may be able to apply similar concepts to create a house that is energy efficient, comfortable and cheap to maintain.

In December 2009, our new heat-pump based heat recovery and ventilation system was installed and a month earlier we switched over to LED lighting throughout. I have had an article published in the AltEnergy on-line magazine that describes this project.

Secondly, we will explore the use of X-10 technology and how X-10 products may be used to automate the control of various house electrical appliances to both make life easier, minimize costs and have some fun.

Then I will show some photographs of our X-10 installation to illustrate how unobtrusive the controllers are and what they are capable of. Just below and to the right is our "fuse box" equipped with X10 and other electronics.Fuse Box

However, many X-10 components are far cheaper in the USA than they are in Europe, and so information is provided on how you may purchase X-10 equipment from the USA and modify the 115V units to operate off the UK's 230V electrical supply.

However, please do not attempt to make such modifications unless you are properly qualified, and are confident in your ability to perform the changes. I accept no responsibility for any mishaps that may occur.

We next go on to explain how our entertainment system operates and the integration of it into our wired and wireless networks. We also have a sophisticated security system but I regret I cannot provide too many details on how this operates

John Perry

Next our family tree, my CV and other personal information is available on a password protected web page on our server.

A feedback page is provided for any comments together with our copyright and data privacy statement. Both of these pages open in a separate window. For details of the Tribunal claim I am involved in, please click here (new window).


Giving Back To The Community

Most of us get benefit out of our Community and I believe that we should all try and give back something in return. I am a member of the Hayling Island Community Board and in addition to community work, I created and maintain their web site.

Welcome to Hayling

Can you too give something back to your community?

Have you considered a holiday on Hayling Island? We have much to offer here for sail-boarders and there are nature trails, holiday centres, historic churches, wonderful scenery and extensive blue flag beaches.

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